Re-install Server IP: xx.xx.xx.19 Netherland [Encoding]



We are going to re-install Operating system on 10th March 2019 Sunday!. we request you to take backup of your data so there should not be any problem for clean re-installation of operating system!.

Thank You!

8. Mär 2019
Motherboard Replacement


We Have hardware malfunctioned from one of our Encoding server, Its Motherboard has been malfunctioned our techs are working to resolve this issue. This will cause downtime to our one of Encoding server Min IP Ending With xx.xx.xx.23, Your Patience is Highly aspected in this!.

Thank you!

25. Sep 2017
Server Re-Install on 7th February 2013

Hello We will Re-install the server IP:- xx.xx.xx.229 on Thursday so Please backup your data thanks

6. Feb 2013
Server Maintenance for 24 Hours

Hello,Some of you cant access the server with IP:- xxx.xx.xx.118 We had some technical issue's on this server that will be solved and server will be UP after in 24 Hours as soon as we get resolve the problems with this server so Please Your patience is aspected and we are raelly sory about this down time Please allow us to fix this Problem ... weiterlesen »

26. Sep 2012
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