Fair Usage Policy / Server Rules!!

Hello Everyone,I would Like to Put this Annoucement to inform those Users who dont Really Know how to Use the RDP And For those who want to Know what are the server Rules!   1- Dont RAR/UNRAR more than 1 FILE AT A TIME!. If you do multiple rar/unrar then the Drive will be slowed down and CPU and memory will go very high and almost every ... Read More »

6th Jan 2012
ALL Rapidspeeds Servers Shutdown!

All Rapidspeeds Servers Are Shutdown if you dont Receive Login Of new France servers Please open support ticket to get your Login Details





5th Dec 2011
We Are Buying New Servers!

Hello Everyone as you are all Already Aware of Rapidspeeds Controvercies they really pissed off All of their customers And i'm here with some news, We are just ordering some new servers As soon As we Get them we will update you here, We Contacted to another datacenter and waiting for the update from them And Please Guys be Patient With us there is ... Read More »

29th Nov 2011

Hello Everyone and welcome on Megardp.eu Servers. I want to warn you all that you MUST do some little adjustments the first time you log in plus follow the next steps to knowledge how we are working for server maintenance: Step 1:Once you logged in into your new rdp account the first thing you have to do is open Internet Download Manager (IDM) go ... Read More »

18th Oct 2011
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