Re-install Server IP: xx.xx.xx.19 Netherland [Encoding]



We are going to re-install Operating system on 10th March 2019 Sunday!. we request you to take backup of your data so there should not be any problem for clean re-installation of operating system!.

Thank You!

8th Mar 2019
Motherboard Replacement


We Have hardware malfunctioned from one of our Encoding server, Its Motherboard has been malfunctioned our techs are working to resolve this issue. This will cause downtime to our one of Encoding server Min IP Ending With xx.xx.xx.23, Your Patience is Highly aspected in this!.

Thank you!

25th Sep 2017
Server Re-Install on 7th February 2013

Hello We will Re-install the server IP:- xx.xx.xx.229 on Thursday so Please backup your data thanks

6th Feb 2013
Server Maintenance for 24 Hours

Hello,Some of you cant access the server with IP:- xxx.xx.xx.118 We had some technical issue's on this server that will be solved and server will be UP after in 24 Hours as soon as we get resolve the problems with this server so Please Your patience is aspected and we are raelly sory about this down time Please allow us to fix this Problem ... Read More »

26th Sep 2012

JDownloader is a program that many users are familiar because of its ease of use: for those not of the trade, with JDownloader can download hoster from most (if not all) online, without bothering to enter CAPTCHA code and wait 45 seconds and so 'street: he thinks of everything, and if configured properly, you can also reset your IP address to ... Read More »

12th Jul 2012
Servers Maintenance Please Read Carefully!

As IT people acknowledge a bit about pc machines they can't deny the fact that PCs are very delicate, especially when dealing with Power Supply Issue not related by software administration but by some electrical disorder. When this comes off, plenty of negative subsequences may happens such as the machine stop responding or responding ... Read More »

28th May 2012

This legally binding contract (the "Agreement") is by and between HostingPanel, Inc., an Illinois corporation ("HostingPanel"), and you and your assigns, employees, agents or contractors ("You", "Your", the "Client") and is effective as of the date you purchase hosting services from HostingPanel. This Agreement sets forth the terms and conditions ... Read More »

20th Mar 2012
Motherboard Replacement on Germany Server!

Hello We are currently replacing motherboard on one of our server (Germany) .Please guys be patient it will take 24 Hours to complete replacement! You will not be charged for your service and we will grant you Extra Days of service during this downtime Thank You!!


Best Regards,


25th Feb 2012
Fair Usage Policy / Server Rules!!

Hello Everyone,I would Like to Put this Annoucement to inform those Users who dont Really Know how to Use the RDP And For those who want to Know what are the server Rules!   1- Dont RAR/UNRAR more than 1 FILE AT A TIME!. If you do multiple rar/unrar then the Drive will be slowed down and CPU and memory will go very high and almost every ... Read More »

6th Jan 2012
ALL Rapidspeeds Servers Shutdown!

All Rapidspeeds Servers Are Shutdown if you dont Receive Login Of new France servers Please open support ticket to get your Login Details





5th Dec 2011